Always evolving, OSI embraces new printing technology to help our clients print better, smarter, faster.

OSI’s latest investment is a new best-in-class digital printer that ensures high-value commercial printing for all your packaging and label needs – labels, folding cartons, flexible packaging, shrink sleeves, and runners’ bibs ( link). From jobs printed on dark, transparent, recycled paper, and other environmentally accredited substrates to synthetics and paperboard, our printers provide a virtually endless choice of media. Our new printer allows us to offer smaller runs, shorter lead times, and quick turnarounds with consistent off-set quality for a variety of customized solutions, including packaging and labels. OSI offers the widest range of media compatibility in the industry.

The end result:

Cost Savings – The highest digital print quality available at the best price

Innovative Products – Superior print quality is at your fingertips when you use OSI. All of our digital printing equipment gives our client’s the best print quality with the lowest cost and the fastest turnaround times.

“Over the last thirty plus years OSI has remained committed to providing the best solutions for our clients, and providing ongoing staff training and investing in cutting edge production equipment are the best ways for us to achieve our goal of constantly evolving. The addition of new production equipment to our roster always leaves us feeling like kids in a candy store. We can’t wait for what’s next.” —Kathy Muth, Cheif Operating Officer


One of the largest 10k running events in the country, BolderBOULDER, needed a solution for fulfilling their ecommerce merchandise.

BolderBOULDER has been a valued partner of Output Services, Inc. for over 10 years. In 2015 the world class running event outsourced their online store merchandise fulfillment to OSI. At the time, their internal order fulfillment process was becoming overwhelming and was monopolizing key employees’ time. With over 70 merchandise items of all shapes and sizes BolderBOULDER needed a partner that could flex with their needs around changing merchandise offerings to keep current offerings available to their clientele by providing real time inventory management metrics. The 2015 holiday season was a huge success for BolderBOULDER merchandise sales, but also proved to be a challenge with keeping up with the customer service that goes along with processing and shipping a large quantity of orders. The OSI Team met with BolderBoulder to identify pain points and came up with a plan to improve the fulfillment solution in place. Those improvements led to a dedicated customer portal where BolderBOULDER can view fulfillment order status in real time and can access tracking information on packages shipped.

The end result:

Time Savings – BolderBOULDER has all the information they need at their fingertips to quickly answer client service questions regarding fulfillment orders

ROI Savings – By working with OSI to create a real time inventory management process showing items available, backordered and sold BolderBOULDER can now effectively manage their merchandise offerings to produce and sell more of the items that help their bottom line.

“The OSI Team thrives on customizing solutions to meet our clients’ needs. One of our favorite things to do is to ask our clients what isn’t working for them in a current application and come up with a solution that makes their life easier and makes financial sense. We exceed at problem solving.” —Kate Ledermann, Director of Operations


Retirement Plan Administration Specialists opt-out of printing and mailing their own statements.

Digital Retirement Solutions selected Output Services, Inc. as their provider to take over their in-house statement printing and mailing operation in 2016. OSI worked with DRS on a custom coding solution to utilize the client’s data files directly from their data platform without any modification or programming changes. The OSI IT Team included special QC checks within the program code to verify specific data components per DRS’ needs. In additional to the custom programming OSI also delivered cost savings with new paper and envelope materials sourced directly and leveraging OSI’s considerable buying power.

The end result:

Time savings – DRS’s quarterly statements mail on average seven to ten days faster than they did previously. Staff previously dedicated to taking time out from their standard duties on a quarterly basis can now focus on their core duties full time.

Cost savings – OSI’s process to presort input data files and provide postage discounts has saved DRS thousands of dollars in postage expenditures within the short timeframe of the first few quarterly mailings.

“One of the most rewarding projects our team can contribute on is helping a client outsource an internal operation that is no longer an effective in-house model. From discovery to implementation to onboarding our proven processes and best-practice procedures help in-house clients transition seamlessly in one of the biggest changes an organization can undertake. Work with OSI to ensure it’s done right.” —Jennifer Simpson, Director of Sales and Client Services