Title Image - Adding a Little Color can have a Big Impact on Financial Statements

Creating financial statements that are eye-catching and engaging can go a long way toward assuring your clients get the information they need to help their organization, and yours, to be successful. Adding color is a simple, yet powerful, way to make otherwise boring financial statements compelling and enlightening.

Creating Engaging and Useful Financial Statements

Creating Financial Statements that are engaging is the first step in ensuring your clients get the most out of your product. Adding color goes a long way to creating documents that are eye-catching, easy to read, and infinitely more useful to companies. 

Color allows important information to be easily identified in a sea of text and numbers. This ease of navigation is important to your client. The Corporate Financial Institute pointed out that color in a financial statement also helps your client to identify “the flow between the different pieces of data”. 

Data that is easily identified, is easily engaged with and utilized to help facilitate building trust and improving user experience for your client and your company

In addition to making information more easily identifiable, color makes your financial statements more aesthetically pleasing. Your clients will be more likely to read documents that are visually engaging and have features that catch their eye. Graphs, charts, and other measurement components are brought to life with the use of color. 

Streamlining and Cross-Selling with Color

Adding color to your financial statements has additional benefits when it comes to marketing and promoting your company. By using brand colors, your logo and company assets are readily identifiable throughout the documents. Your brand will become familiar and comfortable with your clients and when they need additional services, they will automatically think of your company.  

According to Wall Street Prep, coloring is critical to ensure the success of your financial statements

Clients can often get bogged down in financial statements that are all one color and thereby miss the small things, and even not so small things, that can help their business be more successful.

Color can highlight opportunities for your clients to expand their knowledge and use of available services. Including full-color marketing messages in financial statements highlights your business and maximizes the potential uses of your critical documents.

Picking the Ideal Partner

It can be challenging, and expensive, to create quality color documents in your office, that’s where a good statement printing and mail services company can be priceless. When looking for a color print provider, you need more than just quality final pieces. Output Services, Inc. is a fully-fledged print and mail facility running the best digital printing technology. Our vast amount of experience and talent are all waiting to help you along your path to success with services for all of your print and mail needs.

Our product suite supports statement processing, including color printing for bank statements, bills, and other documents. We can also support color in eDocuments while you save money sending printed pieces in black and white.

Creating financial statements that catch your client’s attention and help them identify important information is key to helping your organization succeed. Adding color to your financial statements ensures that clients can identify important information quickly, connect the data dots, and navigate the document with ease.

Output Services, Inc. can help you to create financial statements that are clear, concise, eye-catching, and most of all useful. For more information, contact us today.