Retirement Plan Administration Specialists Outsource their In-House Printing and Mailing

Digital Retirement Solutions (DRS)

About the Company: Digital Retirement Services (DRS) offers comprehensive online investment advice and retirement planning tools.

The Project: DRS needed an outsourcing solution to mitigate lost productivity when their staff was pulled from primary duties to complete quarterly statement mailings.

OSI’s Approach

OSI worked with DRS to provide an easy and streamlined migration including:

  • Custom coding solution to utilize PDF data files directly from DRS’s software platform, without any modification or programming changes
  • Special QC checks within the program code to verify specific data components per DRS’ needs
  • Offer directly sourced new paper and envelope materials

The Results

Time savings – DRS’s quarterly statements mail on average seven to ten days faster than they did previously. Staff previously dedicated to taking time out from their standard duties on a quarterly basis can now focus on their core duties full time.

Cost savings – OSI’s process to presort input data files and provide postage discounts has saved DRS thousands of dollars in postage expenditures monthly, adding up to a savings of tens of thousands of dollars annually.

One of the most rewarding projects our team can contribute to is helping a client outsource an internal operation that is no longer an effective in-house model.

From discovery to implementation, our proven processes and best-practice procedures help make the in-house to outsource transition a seamless change that brings big cost and time savings to our clients. Work with OSI to ensure it’s done right.

Jennifer Simpson

Director of Sales and Client Services, Output Services

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