There’s no doubt that marketing trends have started to shift away from the print sphere– but that doesn’t mean that consumers don’t want print advertisements in a digital world. All of us are bombarded with promotional messages every day so it can be tough to believe that anyone wants more advertisements than they already receive, however, print is unique.

Lots of the ads we’re exposed to aren’t targeted at all, but print ads offer a chance to stand out from the crowd and target specific audiences with strong buying power. This is especially true if you send out print ads based on who (and who hasn’t) already made a purchase from you.

Print ads and transactional documents

More and more businesses are leveraging statements and other transactional documents as marketing platforms. These statements can become an integral part of your business’ marketing strategy.

A company’s existing transactional documents can become multi-purpose by:

  • Cross-selling products and services
  • Alleviating customer concerns
  • Improving customer loyalty
  • Maintaining consumer confidence (especially in tumultuous markets like 2020’s)

What is Transpromotional Marketing and Why Does it Work?

Transpromotional marketing uses transactional mail to share marketing messages. This type of mail boasts a large open rate, increasing the likelihood of your customer seeing your advertisement.

Companies opt to “transpromo” to gain more business from their existing customer base. It’s also a great way to improve customer loyalty, which can lead to referrals.

Transactional documents are a given (and necessary) cost

There’s no getting around paying to send out transactional documents, so it’s an easy opportunity to share additional messages increasing spending.

Since brands already need to pay for printing and postage, it makes sense to maximize each transactional documents’ potential.

Examples of How Companies Use Print Marketing on Transactional Documents

Brands across industry lines can use their transactional documents as marketing opportunities:

  • Financial institutions can market on a monthly basis using account statements. Market credit cards, savings account options, and loan offers
  • Healthcare organizations can market on patient bills. Advertise health education events, reminders for standard procedures, online patient portals
  • Municipalities can market on monthly bills, too. Remind recipients of elections, offer cost- or energy-saving tips
  • B2B providers can promote their brands on invoices. Show similar products and services, promote landing pages, and share discount codes
  • Retailers can maximize real estate on their packing slips. Recommend products, provide coupons, and announce seasonal or sale promotions

We’ve seen companies leverage print marketing in ingenious ways. If you’re not sure whether marketing through transactional documents is feasible for your brand, our team can show you how to make it happen.

How to Start Utilizing the Power of Transpromotional Marketing for Your Business

One easy way to effectively market through print is to pair up with a statement processing company. These businesses offer a range of services, including:

  • Statement printing and mailing
  • Transactional invoicing
  • Transactional printing
  • Bill printing
  • Communication printing
  • Compliance letters

Output Services Can Help: We Make it Easy to Outsource Solutions for Statement and Bill Processing

At Output Services, we’re committed to helping our customers increase speed and reduce costs while they leverage the benefits of smart print for their business.

  • Our statement processing services produce transactional documents with full-color variable data and images
  • We rely on high-speed inkjet printing technology to create relevant, variable, and personalized marketing messages at a lower cost than traditional printing solutions.
  • We process a high volume of transactional direct mail in our purpose-built facility on a daily basis

Learn More About Our Printing and Mailing Services

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