Gain Postal Service Expertise by Partnering with a Statement Processing Company

Banks and community credit unions mail tens of millions of pieces of mail every year. While the average bank employee tasked with this responsibility has at least a basic knowledge of mailing services, it’s unlikely their job description includes a requirement for a high level of expertise in how to maximize the benefits and services associated with any mailing service, including the USPS (United States Postal Office).

What community banks and credit unions need is a partner. Outsourcing print and mail allows bank and credit union employees to return to their primary focus of providing outstanding services and financial products to their account holders. Meanwhile, your output solutions partner provides invaluable print and mail expertise to effectively handle mailing processes while utilizing all the beneficial features the USPS offers.

Let’s look at a few of the benefits professional postal processing companies can offer your statement or bill mailings.

USPS Highlights 

The USPS offers several services that can help banks and credit unions increase the integrity of their mailing address lists while reducing costs. USPS also has beneficial services that allow banks and credit unions to add interactivity, as well as track the mail they send to account holders, vendors, etc. 

Informed Delivery — This service allows banks and credit unions to digitally preview their incoming mail, as well as manage their incoming packages. Subscribers to this service can view greyscale images of the address side of letter-sized mailpieces through a secure online dashboard. From their dashboard, subscribers can also track the delivery status of packages via text or email, as well as relay delivery instructions. 

Informed Visibility — This particular service allows subscribers to follow their mail through its delivery to the appropriate address. This feature is particularly useful for marketing campaigns, allowing parties to follow-up campaign mail delivery with other marketing channels such as local TV ads, social media ads, emails, or radio advertisements.

OneCode ACS — This highly useful service allows banks and credit unions to receive electronic or automated address corrections for undeliverable mail via the IMb (Intelligent Mail barcode) listed on first-class, USPS marketing, and periodical mail pieces. Eliminate wasted time and money researching updated addresses by receiving address change information before mailpieces get returned as undeliverable. 

NCOALink Move Update Options — Mailers using this USPS service receive address mailing changes allowing them to correct their mailing address lists before sending mail. Having the most accurate mailing lists cuts down on undeliverable mail and reduces the time and effort it takes to re-send mail.

What We Offer

When a bank or credit union partners with OSI, they gain our expertise in managing print and mail solutions. Along with our extensive knowledge of all of USPS’s products and services that may benefit our clients, OSI also offers ancillary services: 

  • Transactional invoicing, printing, and mailing
  • Bill printing and mailing 
  • Communication printing and mailing
  • Compliance letter services 
  • Statement printing and mailing services
  • ePresentment or electronic presentment services

While our statement processing services include our professional expertise in mailing address hygiene technologies, Output Services offers a host of other printing and mailing services as well as ePresentment to our wide range of clients. 

Based in Boulder, Colorado, we proudly serve the Rocky Mountain region with over 100 credit unions on our monthly service roster. If you are located within these areas and want to learn more about how we can streamline and improve your statement printing and mailing services, visit our website and connect with us on LinkedIn to stay updated with new posts and product offerings.