How Billing Printers and Bill Processing Companies Help Your Colorado Business Bank

The last thing your team needs to worry about right now is training and upkeep for time-consuming processes like statement and bill mailings. If it seems as all other jobs come to a halt while you deal with this chore, it might be time to consult with a third-party statement processing company. Print and mail services can take this burden off your hands and reliably complete it each month.

Here are a few ways professionals in the print and mail business can help your community bank, credit union, or billing company.

Simplify In-House Operations

Time spent by in-house employees fulfilling monthly printing, billing, and mailing can be costly and distract from more pressing to-dos. Transactional invoicing services remove the hassle and headache for your staff. While your employees focus on their daily routine, an outside vendor produces, prints, and mails all of your customers; statements and invoices. Bills and statements sent in-house cost an average of $1.00 each when factoring in labor, materials, and postage but outsourcing the printing and mailing can cut this expense significantly thanks to bulk material and postage discounts. 

Bills and statements sent in-house cost an average of $1.00 each

By outsourcing billing and statement processing, your business will enjoy more productive employees and lower overhead costs; all you need to do is provide the correct files, and the printing and mailing company takes care of the rest.

Offer Enhanced Security

Some data hackers and thieves focus their efforts on small organizations in the hopes their security measures are less than ideal. In many cases, unfortunately, the criminals are correct. Forbes reports that attacks against smaller businesses have risen significantly since January 2020.

Your business does not need to compromise on the safety and integrity of the vital data you manage when considering outsourcing to statement processing companies. These providers understand the many challenges that smaller organizations face surrounding data security. 

Output Services is SOC 1, 2, and 3 certified; all of our communication services have been evaluated by an external auditor who deemed that our security systems either meet or exceed worldwide industry security standards.

User-friendly bills employing clear, simple layouts help avoid confusion from recipients and encourage prompt payments.

Improve Communication

Outsourcing providers fulfill the needs of a wide range of businesses, giving them a leg up in recognizing and forecasting market trends. User-friendly bills employing clear, simple layouts help avoid confusion from recipients. A professional graphic designer at a print and mail service provider can create concise and clear statements that draw the eye to essential information to help your business receive prompt payments.

Provide Flexibility 

Bill processors offer increased flexibility for mail frequency and presentment options. With statement printing and mailing services, your bank can go fully or partially paperless with electronic statements via email and text. Robust suites provide versatility to send messages on your schedule and in your preferred manner.

Leverage Transpromo Marketing  

Third-party output solutions providers can do so much more than sending out your monthly bills and statements; we can act as a marketing tool to help increase your revenue. Suggest new services, promote limited-time offers, remind customers of upcoming events such as bill due dates or plan renewals. All of these communications can easily be combined with or implemented into existing bill and statement mail by leveraging the professional tools of a third-party provider.


No matter how you slice it, partnering with a professional statement processing company with print, mail, and electronic presentment experience offers a variety of benefits while cutting costs.

At Output Services, we afford your business with secure and reliable services out of our purpose-built facility in Boulder, Colorado. When you’re ready to hand over the hassle of printing and mailing your monthly statements, we’re prepared to step in. Visit our website today to learn more about our suite of services.