The Third Decade, by Jennifer Simpson, CSO and co-owner

During OSI’s third decade there was additional growth in the transaction document services into different and varied markets and verticals. Financial organizations like credit unions were long part of our core client base from before the year 2000, and in this new decade OSI expanded into serving banks, trust companies, mutual fund organizations, investment and insurance companies and more. In addition to financial services OSI also expanded into producing bills and invoices in print / mail and electronic formats by serving various verticals including local and state government agencies, healthcare, telecom, security, and beyond. Using the latest in print technology OSI expanded into digital color printing which paved the way for customized and updated statements, bills and invoices using full color ink and integrated in-document marketing promotions. In addition to expanding verticals served and service offerings, OSI also began navigating the world of online and system security and security audits that would become standard operating procedure for all companies handling secure data. OSI’s team evolved and grew as well, adding in additional shifts and team members to help support the new work and volume added, including numerous employees that are still with the company now, 20 years later. OSI was very fortunate to have this great staff and clientele in place to help weather the ‘Great Recession’ that begin in 2007 with worldwide impact. Coming out of the recession and closing out our third decade OSI expanded into a new vertical and a new dba, Boulder Bibs, serving the running event and endurance industry domestically and internationally.